Welcome to the Milner group!

Our research interests lie at the intersection of organic, inorganic, and materials chemistry. We are interested in tailoring materials to enable new synthetic transformations and ultimately change the way organic compounds are made, from small molecule therapeutics to porous polymeric materials. In order to achieve these goals, we are investigating the untapped potential of porous materials such as metal–organic frameworks to enable new reactions, such as by stabilizing reagents that are otherwise challenging to handle in the laboratory. In addition, we are interested in the power of organoelectrochemistry to effect carefully controlled redox processes. In particular, we want to understand and ultimately control how chemistry at the electrode surface governs the outcome of organic reactions. We are also applying ideas from synthetic and physical organic chemistry to the development of new porous materials with a broad range of potential applications, including chemical separations, gas storage, and organic electronics.

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10/22/18: Our first crops of first year students have officially joined the group! Welcome JJ, Greg, and Mary!

8/5/18: Greg and José Javier (JJ), two incoming first year students, are going to join us for the fall! Welcome Greg and JJ!

7/30/18: Mike Patterson, an incoming first year student, heard how much fun our undergrad team was having and decided to help us start up the group. Welcome Mike!

7/15/18: Our undergraduate team has arrived for the summer! Welcome to the group Luc, Casandra, Mickayla, Mitchell, and Cathy! Hope you like unpacking boxes!

7/2/18: The Milner group is officially established!

Interested undergraduate students at Cornell University should contact Phill by email at pjm347@cornell.edu with a brief statement of research interests and list of relevant courses completed (with grades and professors indicated).

Prospective graduate students should apply to the Graduate School at Cornell University (here) and contact Phill by email at pjm347@cornell.edu once admitted.

We are looking for post-doctoral researchers! We are particularly interested in post-docs with expertise in the areas of organic synthesis, electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry, and/or the synthesis and characterization of porous materials such as metal–organic frameworks. Interested candidates should email Phill at pjm347@cornell.edu with a brief statement of research interests and a curriculum vitae (including a list of publications).